Celebrating Yorkshire Blogger Awards 2023! Celebrating Yorkshire Blogger Awards 2023!

Celebrating Yorkshire Blogger Awards 2023!

It was a night to remember at the prestigious Yorkshire Blogger Awards, held at The Queens Hotel in Leeds on Saturday, 30th September 2023. As I walked into the grand venue, I couldn't help but feel a mix of excitement and gratitude. Being nominated in the photography category was an incredible honour for little ol' me! And it was a testament to the hard work I've poured into my work, website and resources 📸

The Yorkshire Blogger Awards: Celebrating Diverse Talents

This year's Yorkshire Blogger Awards featured a diverse array of categories, each highlighting the unique talents of Yorkshire's bloggers, businesses, and creatives. From crafting and food & drink to disability & mental health and fashion, the awards aimed to showcase the vibrant creative community that thrives in Yorkshire.

The Glittering Awards Night

The awards night was a spectacular event. The Queens Hotel in Leeds provided a stunning backdrop for this celebration of Yorkshire-based bloggers, influencers, and YouTubers. The evening was a perfect blend of networking, storytelling, and, of course, fabulous food.

While meeting fellow content creators, sharing stories, and enjoying the delightful food & drinks, I couldn't help but reflect on the journey that brought me here. The Yorkshire Blogger Awards 2023 were more than just a recognition of my work; they were a celebration of the values I hold dear – inclusivity, diversity, and empowerment.

This unforgettable night was a reminder that our voices matter, and when we use them to champion the causes we're passionate about, we can truly make a difference. The Yorkshire Blogger Awards were a reminder that hard work and dedication can lead to incredible recognition and an opportunity to continue pushing for positive change in our industries.

The Significance of My Nomination: Championing Inclusivity and Diversity

Being shortlisted for the Yorkshire Blogger Awards meant the world to me. My work revolves around creating content for small businesses, particularly helping them make the most of fashion photography on a budget and utilising images as a vital part of their brand identity and visual content strategy.

Moreover, I'm deeply committed to promoting female empowerment and work extensively with women in the York area. Through my work in producing beautiful boudoir portraits, I aim to provide a transformative experience for women who may have little or no previous experience in front of the camera. These empowering sessions are designed to boost confidence, foster self-expression, and create cherished memories through stunning imagery.

Inclusivity and diversity are at the core of my work. Through my blog, I strive to educate and inspire industry professionals to embrace positive change in the fashion world. I'm a strong advocate for representing diverse races, religions, sizes, body types, disabilities, tattoos, skin conditions, and genders. I challenge traditional beauty standards and promote a more inclusive industry where everyone feels seen and valued.

On a personal level, being shortlisted for this incredible award was a fantastic achievement. It meant the world to me that people appreciated the photographs I put my heart and soul into. But winning the award would be a game-changer. It would allow me to continue spreading my message of inclusivity and diversity, helping shape the industry from the inside.

As the night drew to a close, I left with a heart full of gratitude and a determination to keep pushing for inclusivity and diversity in the world of fashion photography. The Yorkshire Blogger Awards were a milestone in my journey, and I'm excited to see where this path leads next!

Yorkshire Fashion & Beauty Photographer

I'm Hannah Lunn, a Yorkshire fashion and beauty photographer. I'm passionate about promoting inclusivity and diversity in the fashion industry by amplifying the voices of underrepresented individuals. Contact me now to discuss your next project and let's make it a success!