“Nothing Is More Fashionable Than Inclusivity” Vogue’s May 2023 “Nothing Is More Fashionable Than Inclusivity” Vogue’s May 2023

“Nothing Is More Fashionable Than Inclusivity” Vogue’s May 2023

In a groundbreaking move for the fashion industry, British Vogue released its May 2023 issue, which exclusively features Disabled talent.

Spearheaded by Sinéad Burke, a prominent disability advocate and the first little person to grace the cover of any Vogue magazine in 2019, this disability-focused issue aims to challenge beauty norms, dismantle barriers within the fashion world, and promote inclusivity. The issue showcases the power, aspirations, and chic style of Disabled individuals, presenting a vanguard that is changing perspectives and transforming industries.

Creating an Accessible Environment

The journey towards this momentous issue began with a commitment to accessibility and inclusivity. From the outset, Burke and the British Vogue team recognised the need for accessibility in every aspect of the production process. This involved selecting a photography studio that could provide step-free access, accessible changing facilities, and accommodating spaces for talent. By proactively adapting the studio to meet the needs of the Disabled individuals involved, the team demonstrated their dedication to inclusivity.

Celebrating Disabled Empowerment

The May 2023 Disability Issue showcases the incredible talents and stories of Disabled individuals. The photographs, taken by Adama Jalloh and styled by Kate Phelan, capture the beauty and empowerment of the cover stars. From Rosie Jones, a BAFTA-nominated comedian, entertaining everyone on set with her wild dating stories, to Aaron Rose Philip and Selma Blair forging a lasting friendship, the issue highlights the sense of empowerment and community that emerged during the production.

Highlighting Ableism and Advocacy: While the issue celebrates the achievements and talents of Disabled individuals, it also sheds light on the challenges they face due to ableism. Ableism manifests in everyday language, exclusionary job descriptions, and inaccessible spaces, creating barriers for Disabled people. The issue emphasises the urgent need for a collective effort to dismantle ableism and promote accessibility. It also addresses the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on Disabled individuals, urging society to recognise and address these inequalities.

Promoting Lasting Change

The May 2023 Disability Issue of British Vogue represents more than just a moment; it signifies a movement towards greater accessibility and inclusion in the fashion industry. By featuring Disabled talent and raising awareness of ableism, this issue sets benchmarks and processes that should be embedded in fashion companies indefinitely. The goal is to create lasting change that extends beyond a single issue or campaign.

British Vogue's May 2023 Disability Issue marks a significant milestone in the fashion industry's journey towards inclusivity and accessibility. By dedicating an entire issue to Disabled talent, Vogue showcases the power and beauty of diversity. This issue challenges traditional beauty standards, promotes advocacy, and urges society to recognise and address ableism. The fashion industry has the opportunity to learn from Vogue's latest issue and continue working towards a more inclusive future where everyone's talents and experiences are celebrated.

As a photographer who aims to promote inclusivity and diversity in my work, British Vogue's May 2023 Disability Issue holds immense significance for me. This issue not only challenges beauty norms, but also dismantles barriers within the fashion industry, emphasising the importance of accessibility and inclusivity. It serves as a profound source of inspiration, showcasing the power, aspirations, and chic style of Disabled individuals. It signifies a movement towards lasting change, setting benchmarks for greater inclusion and promoting a future where everyone's talents and experiences are celebrated. 

Read more: https://www.vogue.co.uk/article/vogue-disability-portfolio-2023

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