Open Gallery Halifax: Spring Exhibition Open Gallery Halifax: Spring Exhibition

Open Gallery Halifax: Spring Exhibition

As a Yorkshire-based artist, I am honoured to have my fashion photography work featured in the Open Gallery Halifax's Spring exhibition in May 2023. The exhibition's theme celebrates the arrival of spring, and my project, titled "Spring Dreaming," perfectly encapsulates this idea.

A collective of work from other Yorkshire artists is available for viewing via the Open Gallery and for purchase on selected platforms. The artwork featured in this exhibition covers all areas from digital art through to more traditional media such as painting and glasswork.

Behind the scenes of my work:

I collaborated with model Esmeralda Varley to create surreal fashion photography that seamlessly blended with the natural beauty of the Yorkshire landscape. Every aspect of the project, from the photography to the retouching and styling, was meticulously planned and executed by myself to ensure that the final product perfectly conveyed the message of harmony between fashion and nature.

At the heart of "Spring Dreaming" lies an exploration of the serene and natural beauty that envelops us, by seamlessly integrating the model's allure with the tranquillity of Yorkshire's landscape. The project aims to create a surreal and dreamlike atmosphere that evokes a sense of peace and harmony, inviting the viewers to appreciate the seamless fusion of fashion and nature.

To create the dreamlike atmosphere that I envisioned, we used an air mattress draped in materials and placed it on the Bolton Abby Lake, which is famous for its picturesque stepping stones. We scattered flowers over the model to create a serene and thoughtful look, resulting in a stunning fusion of fashion and nature that invites viewers to appreciate the beauty of spring.

Taken in the middle of summer, we had a lot of interest during the photoshoot from the public who wanted to find out more information or stopped to watch. Every time someone came across the stepping stones I had to get in the water for a swim to allow them to pass, and it was super slippery with all the moss on the cobble stones. I’m all for getting involved, so myself & Esmeralda were both soaked by the end of this and had to drag our soggy air mattress back to the car with an ice cream!

I am incredibly excited to have my work showcased at the Open Gallery Halifax, and I am eager to share my vision with a new audience. This exhibition provides an exceptional opportunity for artists to gain exposure and showcase their talents, and I feel grateful to have been selected to participate.

The Open Gallery Halifax is located at 18 Rawson Street, Halifax, HX1 1NX in Halifax town centre, and the exhibition will run from 4th May to 24th May 2023

The gallery is open Tuesdays - Saturdays 11am - 4pm from May 4th - 24th, and I invite you to come and experience the stunning artwork on display. As an added bonus, there will be a £50 prize for the People's favourite artist, so make sure to cast your vote when you're there!