Maximising Your Fashion Photography Investment: Repurposing Images Across Multiple Channels Maximising Your Fashion Photography Investment: Repurposing Images Across Multiple Channels

Maximising Your Fashion Photography Investment: Repurposing Images Across Multiple Channels

Visual content plays a crucial role in building a brand's identity and communicating its message to the audience. Fashion photography, in particular, can create a lasting impact on the viewer's mind and influence their purchasing decisions. However, producing high-quality fashion photography can be an expensive investment, especially for small brands and businesses. Therefore, it is essential to maximise your fashion photography investment by repurposing images across multiple channels.

Repurposing images means using the same photographs for different purposes and on various platforms to reach a broader audience. This strategy not only saves time and money but also ensures consistency in the brand's visual identity across all channels. In this blog, we will discuss some essential considerations for repurposing fashion photography images across various channels.

Know Your Audience

Before repurposing your fashion photography images, it is essential to understand your target audience's preferences and interests. For example, if your target audience is primarily active on Instagram, you should consider repurposing your images to fit the platform's visual aesthetic and format. Similarly, if your target audience is more likely to view your content on a mobile device, you should ensure that your images are optimised for mobile viewing.

Consider Image Sizing

Image sizing is another crucial consideration when repurposing fashion photography images. Each platform has its requirements for image sizing, and it is essential to follow these guidelines to ensure the best quality and resolution. For example, Instagram's ideal image size is square or 1080 x 1350 pixels , while a website banner image is typically much more narrow, but the same image or set may need to work for both. Therefore, you must resize your images according to the platform's guidelines to ensure optimal viewing quality. 

Keep it Generic

When repurposing your fashion photography images, it is crucial to keep the content generic. Avoid using images that are too specific or feature a particular product, model, or location. Instead, focus on creating images that represent your brand's aesthetic and style. These images can be used across various channels and will remain relevant and impactful for a more extended period.

Communicate with your Photographer

Communicating with your photographer about your image needs is also crucial when it comes to repurposing your fashion photography. Your photographer can help you shoot smarter by using clever production methodology, which can help you get more images for your money.

For example, you can discuss the use of different backgrounds or styling to create a range of images from a single photoshoot. Additionally, an editorial-style photographer can also help you achieve this by focusing on creating a story or narrative through the images, allowing you to use them for multiple purposes.

Moreover, communicating your image needs with your photographer can also ensure that you receive the images in the correct format and resolution. For instance, if you plan to use the images for print, your photographer can ensure that the images are high resolution and saved in the correct format to avoid pixelation or loss of quality.

Repurposing fashion photography images across multiple channels is an excellent strategy to maximise your investment and reach a broader audience. However, it is essential to consider your audience's preferences, image sizing guidelines, and keep the content generic to ensure consistency in your brand's visual identity. By following these essential considerations, you can repurpose your fashion photography images successfully and make the most out of your investment.

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