Flower Bath Photography: Tips for an editorial photoshoot in the bath Flower Bath Photography: Tips for an editorial photoshoot in the bath

Flower Bath Photography: Tips for an editorial photoshoot in the bath

Flower bath photography is a trend that has taken Instagram by storm. This unique style of photography involves immersing yourself in a bathtub filled with petals and capturing the beauty of this floral paradise.

This style of photography is a great way to create beautiful and unique imagery that showcases your creativity. In this blog post, I will be sharing tips for an editorial-style flower bath photography shoot to make your portfolio really stand out.

(Behind the scenes of my latest floral bath shoot)

1. Considered Colours

The key to an editorial-style flower bath photography shoot that really pops is to is to consider the styling of your shots. When selecting flowers, choose blooms in vivid hues that will make a statement in your photos. Roses, sunflowers, and daisies are a few popular options that add a pop of striking colour to your shots.

Think about the wardrobe and makeup – what will compliment or contrast the fashion and beauty element of your shoot? You can colour the bath for this too – You can use a water-based paint, milk or juice cordial to tint the water or keep it classic with a bath bomb or bubbles. Even adding a touch of glitter to the water will really bring this to life. You can start a Pinterest board for inspiration for this.

beauty photography model bath flowers

2. Water Temperature

One of the most important factors in flower bath photography is ensuring the water temperature is not too warm. A warm bath can cause the petals to wilt and lose their vibrancy, ruining the look of your shots. It's best to use cool or lukewarm water to keep the flowers looking fresh. This also stops your camera lens fogging up, as wiping your lens down between shots is hardly ideal – unless you want this look!

beauty photography model bath flowers

3. Lighting

Lighting is critical in flower bath photography. Natural light works best, so try to shoot near a window or outdoors on a cloudy day. If you're shooting indoors, use soft lighting to avoid harsh shadows and highlights. A simple way to do this is to place a sheer curtain over your window.

You can use a soft light to avoid lots of noise and blur, as often a bath is quite far down and hard to capture with natural light. However, make sure to avoid reflections as this can often be distracting in your images – This can be hidden with smartly places flowers or other elements but just consider this when you’re shooting or try to diffuse the light.

beauty photography model bath milk roses

4. Composition

Composition is an important aspect of flower bath photography. Consider the placement of your flowers and your body in the tub. Experiment with different angles and perspectives to find the one that works best for your shot. You may need to get straight overhead on the model, or you can shoot this wide and zoom right in. Often you might have to stand over the bath, on the bath or grab a chair to try and get some additional height. See what works for you and your space!

beauty photography model bath flowers glitter

5. Props

Props can add an extra layer of interest to your flower bath photography. Consider using items such as candles, flowers, and bath salts to create a relaxing and visually appealing scene.

In conclusion, flower bath photography is a beautiful and unique way to showcase your creativity. With the tips outlined in this blog post, you can create editorial-style shots with bright colors and ensure the water isn't too warm. So, gather your flowers and get ready to make a splash in the world of photography!

beauty photography model bath

6. Consider model comfort

This is key if you’re going to be shooting a flower bath photoshoot. Ensure you have had a conversation with the model beforehand about the shoot. These baths are messy, often cold and can be pretty uncomfortable. Check the models are happy with their wardrobe prior to the shoot – Many of the shots you see online will be bikinis or art nude but you can capture the same essence with a wet t-shirt or blouse if this is more comfortable for them.

Ensure you have a towel on demand and a shower nearby to wash any petals off. Once they are submerged they might struggle to hear any direction, so communicate a sign that works for them and check they are happy with this. The water shouldn’t be too deep so they aren’t straining their necks to look towards the camera. And most importantly, just ask them regularly if everything is okay, if the temperature is okay and if they need anything.

Considering a floral bath shoot?

I hope this guide has given you some tips to consider when shooting a floral bath. Take a look at some of my work I have done before below for inspiration, and get in touch if you would love images like this!

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