Fashion Photography in the north of England Fashion Photography in the north of England

Fashion Photography in the north of England

Fashion photography in the north of England has its own unique style and vibe that sets it apart from the bustling fashion scene in London. 

While London is known for its cutting-edge fashion and high-end photography, the north of England, particularly Yorkshire offers a more laid-back, raw and authentic feel to fashion photography.

One of the biggest differences between fashion photography in the north and in London is the atmosphere and pace. In London, the fashion industry is fast-paced and competitive, with photographers working under tight deadlines and pressure to produce high-quality images. In the north, however, there is a more relaxed and collaborative atmosphere, where photographers have the time and space to experiment and try out new ideas.

Another key difference is the location and backdrop. London is known for its iconic landmarks and busy city streets, which provide photographers with a wealth of locations to choose from. In the north of England, photographers have access to stunning landscapes and diverse rural environments, including rolling hills, quaint villages, and rugged coastline. These locations offer a unique and captivating backdrop for fashion photography that sets it apart from the urban cityscape of London.

The fashion itself is also different in Yorkshire, with a focus on local, independent designers and boutiques. This provides photographers with the opportunity to showcase a more eclectic and diverse range of fashion styles and trends, rather than the homogenized, high-end fashion seen in London.

Fashion photography in Yorkshire offers a fresh and unique perspective on the industry, providing photographers with a relaxed, diverse and creative environment to work in. With its stunning landscapes, independent fashion scene, and relaxed atmosphere, it is a truly inspiring place to be for fashion photographers.

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