Roller Girl: Behind the Scenes Roller Girl: Behind the Scenes

Roller Girl: Behind the Scenes

Okay okay, I admit it. I bought some rollerskates during lockdown when I didn't actually know how to skate. I couldn't even stand up in them! They were beautiful however, so when Davina approached me for a photoshoot and I discovered we had the same shoe size, we wanted to have some fun with this project. This is how our Roller Girl concept was created

We used a mix of pieces from both our wardrobes to create this playful, pastel-styled look. Inspired by the Rio Rollerskates that were otherwise collecting dust, we paired together pink & turquoise, green & white and playful yellow & gold.

We headed to a couple of skate parks that were just round the corner from Davina's house. The first location was a bit too busy, with kids zooming around on BMX's and we were getting in everyone's way, so we shifted to the second location which was pretty quiet and had a bunch of graffiti and ramps we could use.

With the final images from this set published in TYSM Magazine - June Vol 5  , Davina also gave me some insight into her modelling story, advise and where she wants to go with her work in the future:

"My modelling career kicked off started off while I was training as a makeup artist. I started photographing my makeup looks and my modelling took off from there.

The biggest moment in my modelling career so far is receiving my latest front cover publications. I love seeing myself in print after the team's hard work! I have also recently agreed to be an in-house model for latex designers. I can't wait to start modelling more creative latex pieces.

My advice to aspiring models or someone who wants to progress in the industry is to save money early on, aim high and to loose any negative aspects of your life.

One word I would use to describe my art is "evolving". My work is always transforming and I love moulding myself with different projects and concepts. It keeps things exciting!

Recently, I am inspired by women. The women in my life continue to inspire and motivate me in all my work and I am blessed to have so many supportive women around me.

If I could share anything with the world, I'd love to share my energy and drive with people. I work really hard and put passion into everything I do. It's taken a lot for me to get to the point I am and this is just the start of my modelling career.

My goals for the future are heading towards international modelling. I plan on visiting and shooting at more breathtaking locations around the globe and collaborating with unique photographers from different backgrounds and cultures. Stay tuned to see more from me!"

- davina.diamantes

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