Where to get inspiration for photoshoots Where to get inspiration for photoshoots

Where to get inspiration for photoshoots

Lacking inspiration? Whether you are new to the photo game and looking for a quirky shoot idea or an experienced photographer looking to add a bit of spice to your feed, check out my tips below.

Look at your location

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  1. Where am I shooting?
  2. What am I shooting
  3. What is the light source? (Flash or natural?)
  4. Who are you shooting with?
  5. What props, locations or settings will be available to use?

Once you have an idea of the above factors, you can start to decide what type of style you want to go for.

If you have access to a local field of flowers nearby, you can start to think of items of clothing or textures that will compliment or stand out against the background. If you're shooting in a studio using flash photography, you might want to think about props, makeup or things to add more interest to your subject.

Think about your photography style

What defines you? Are you drawn to fashion or beauty photography? Do you like dark, alternative imagery? Do you prefer sunny landscapes or are you a fan of shooting at golden hour? 

Once you have an idea of the look you want to achieve in your head as well as an idea of your location and the items available to you, you can start to narrow down what you want to achieve. 

Who is your inspiration?

The key to being inspired is to surround yourself with people who are driven. Do you follow and interact with other creatives on social media? Do you buy magazines frequently and flick through at the photography? 

Find who your inspirations are and what makes them click. You can start watching YouTube videos of behind-the-scenes or interviews. Read a book, go to an art gallery.

Once you have an idea of your situation, your style and what you want to start achieving, it's time to get creative!

Mood boards

This is the fun part! Get onto Pinterest and start building boards that are related to your style, your location or your ideas. If you pin an image to a board, Pinterest will automatically recommend other images to you so that you can start setting the scene.

In the photography industry, moodboards are a key part of any shoot. Sending a link to your moodboard or some reference images to others you are collaborating with before the shoot allows for them to have creative input too. They can plan their poses, outfits and makeup based on your recommendations. 

Want some help getting inspired?

Contact me today for some free shoot ideas that are quirky and suited towards your style.