First Comes Love First Comes Love

First Comes Love

Following our Female Empowerment project, we got the gang back together for a self-love seriesFirst comes love, the power of loving yourself before being able to love anyone else.

With gorgeous wedding gowns provided by Quinlan Couture Bridal, we wanted this project to celebrate embracing yourself and being your true, authentic self. 

You can do this by setting yourself healthy boundaries. Showing up for yourself every day and still shining, no matter who or what tries to dull your sparkle. Taking the time to understand and accept yourself as you are.

With a huge thank you again to the following ladies who made this series possible:

We asked some of the girls what self-love means to them:

"Self-love to me means being there for yourself and loving yourself regardless" - KC

"Self-love to me, means knowing that you're worth it every time you look in the mirror" - Natalie

"Self-love to me, is being my own reason to smile" - Annie

These images were again published in Selin Magazine ISSUE 11 VOL. 49, just like the first female empowerment shoot

You can view more of the images from this project here. A huge thank you to the gorgeous team for another all-female empowerment project!