Classic Beauty Photography Classic Beauty Photography

Classic Beauty Photography

There's something about simple, classic beauty photography I can't help but fall in love with. I really enjoyed this series with Xenia, in a short but sweet shoot we wanted to capture some simplistic beauty shots that were clean and expressionate.

For me, beauty photography is all about positioning, expressions and texture. With a bigger team and more creative ideas you will naturally focus more on the makeup or props, but with this shoot we wanted to really let Xenia's natural beauty and personality shine through. 

These images were all shot with a single light from above, a softbox and a large reflector to bounce the light back softly onto Xenia's face. We used a white colourama to keep things clean and classic.

We added a little blue jumper number to add some brightness to the shots. Extra layers also allow for more possibilities in terms of poses, as you can play and manipulate the clothing to compliment the images and add that additional depth.

For the final few images, we took to the floor to capture some full length shots. I love incorporating the wooden floor of the studio and the bottom of the backdrop, to me this feels more natural and sets the scene for the viewer to feel a part of in this natural set up.

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