BTS: Down at the court BTS: Down at the court

BTS: Down at the court

What do you get when you put tennis and fashion together with my good friend Esmeralda? Absolute fire, that's what! Published in The HUNTER Magazine issue June 2021 vol.10, here's some insight into this set.

Esmeralda seriously has a good array of sportswear to choose from! My favourite in this set is the Peach Wear Athletics orange set which we paired with glittery fishnets for a bit of edge, and this really ties into the mesh of the court too and I love the contrast against the green. We also had a green sun visor cap which cast a gorgeous shadow on the face in the sun. It also wouldn't be a tennis shoot without different coloured rackets would it?

We had a few challenges with these images. The first being, in the middle of summer the court was packed! We had some onlookers who thought it was funny to hit tennis balls in our direction whenever we changed poses or outfits. You can't see where I have tried to subtly edit out basketball players or odd cars in the background - Doh! We managed to pull off an empty-looking environment in the pictures though, thank god for Photoshop.

The second challenge as fellow togs might be familiar with, is the constant change in sunlight. The tiniest cloud means you gotta shift your whole set up or change direction of where you are shooting or posing. This worked out well though and we managed to use the light to our advantage with some of these shots.

Our spread in HUNTER magazine was a good 7 page spread with multiple images. I love how these images take me back to summer and I definitely want to do more sporty-type shoots. You can view the full set here.