BTS: Bowie inspired beauty BTS: Bowie inspired beauty

BTS: Bowie inspired beauty

"There's a starman waiting in the sky..."

I've wanted to do a Bowie inspired shoot for a while. Being a classic rock music fan, I love the glam-rock style that came from the 70's which knows no boundaries.

Inspired by the fashion, the attitude, the bright colours and just the unique vibe of Bowie, when mrs.molodetskaya  & I decided to collaborate after a conversation on Instagram after seeing her unique red hair and taste in fashion I just had to ask her for a Bowie-inspired shoot!

Agreeing to shoot at hers, we set up a mini studio in her living room right next to her Christmas tree & little dog. Doing her own makeup, mrs.molodetskaya's makeup was super impressive with a classic Ziggy-inspired stage look.

With a red backdrop in hand, we decided to shoot red-on-red with some red leather gloves to create a really strong, bold beauty look with emphasis on the facial features & makeup.

We added a little paint to the hands to add a contrast in colour-pop and to incorporate an element of playfulness to the images. Alongside a classic borsalino hat that Bowie was often seen wearing off-stage.

With little features such as lightening bolt earrings, tassel gloves & some sequins, we tried to incorporate the same style of strong poses Bowie would do in many of his images.

I'm really happy with the outcome of these images, I think they are incredibly bold and eye-catching, while really showing the source of influence. I couldn't have asked for a better model to bring my vision to life!

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