Behind the scenes: Every Rose has it's Thorn Behind the scenes: Every Rose has it's Thorn

Behind the scenes: Every Rose has it's Thorn

What's the best thing about doing a romantic-style lingerie shoot followed by a flower bath shoot? Um - doing it with your best friend that's what! Here's a behind the scenes of our shoot, published in Beyondall Sensual - June Vol 5.

Named after one of my favourite songs by Poison (Literally because it was the first song I thought of with "rose" in the title, and also because we kept pricking ourselves on the thorns) I wanted this set to be simple, colourful and sweet. 

With my beautiful model friend Elle as my subject, we did four different sets as part of this editorial. 

First look: Blue sheets & white body

Super simplistic, I wanted these first images to be all about connection. I love the eye contact, the over the shoulder look, and Elle's engagement ring on display.

Second look: White sheets & roses

Less was more for this set. We draped Elle in the white sheet for simplicity and just adorned her with roses. I love the clash of the red petals against her lipstick and the clash of the green against her dark hair. 

Third look: Milk bath

For these milk images, I wanted almost a smokey appearance, floating roses and emphasis on Elle's beauty. I think the outcome of this was quite striking and I love how she stands out against the milky water.

Forth look: Petal mad!

Okay, now this set was really fun. We broke up the rose petals used previously and butchered a bouquet. While Elle lay there looking majestic we just covered her in petals, included a well placed petal you know where which surprisingly stuck very well for the set.  

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